The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Past Exhibitions
Caroline Gore

The Gallery at Reinstein Ross is proud to announce their upcoming exhibition Dual/Duel: Caroline Gore, on view from September 7- November 12, 2017. This exhibition will mark the debut of Gore’s new series of wearable objects. This collection of new work will be accompanied by drawings and collide, a sculptural installation from the acclaimed exhibition, …mercurial silence…

Strong, seductive, and feminine, the jewelry in Dual/Duel is inspired by Gore’s newly adopted city of Philadelphia. “The jewelry presented in Dual/Duel is a visual manifestation of this relationship to site in energetic and physical ways. Temporary attachments to buildings under renovation or construction, clusters and piles of building materials, layers of decay and attempted repair, electrical wiring/conduit and signals such as cones and buoys littering the landscape have informed my drawing and form development.”  

At the heart of Gore’s work exists a tension or a" tug of war", between materials and forms.  Her visual language oscillates between what has been exposed and what remains unsaid, the hardness of jet and hematite and the softness of leather and suede. Her jewelry, according to Gore,  “elicits an obstructed, coordinated or reflective view, one that momentarily shifts with the movement of the body and ultimately reveals a glimmering spark or connection.”

Gore explains the importance of including earlier work- a series of drawings made by using a torch or branding tool directly on paper, as well as collide, a 50’ chain made of carved jet beads- stating that “There are individual pieces and methods of making that linger and beckon a further dive - sometimes it takes years to gain access and identify why the work, method or material is suddenly so loud and present.  As I have settled into my new studio and location the material and visual relationships continue to overlap and span across my artistic practice becoming clearer and again murky all at once.”