Fordite Grecian Earrings
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Fordite Grecian Earrings in 20k Peach Gold

Fordite Earrings are a fantastic gift - an amalgam of Americana, car culture, industry, recycling...and fine jewelry! Fordite is a beautiful and fascinating material - formed from layers of excess paint in automotive factories in the mid-20th century. When cut and polished Fordite is a striking, psychodelic, truly American “stone”.

RR has a wonderful collection of Fordite jewelry - cufflinks, earrings, pendants, and keychains. And we have a large, and varied, collection of unset Fordite to use in custom jewelry of your choice.

A selection of Fordite jewelry is avaiable to purchase online, and please contact us with any questions, or to inquire about custom jewelry. 

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Fordite Grecian Earrings in 20k Peach Gold
A Beautiful Piece of Corvette Factory Fordite
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