Snowdrop Band with Diamonds
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Snowdrop Band in 20k Peach Gold with Diamonds
Feminine yet still substantial, our glittering Snowdrop Band is made with a solid row of our classic Snowdrop elements. A perfect R|R look. We also make the Snowdrop design in drops, stud earrings, several styles of beautiful rings and bands, and a gorgeous bangle.
Snowdrop Band in 20k Peach Gold with Diamonds
Snowdrop Band in 18k White Gold and Diamonds. Shown with a Shimmer Band, also 18k White Gold with Diamonds
Snowdrop Bands in 20k Peach and 18k White Gold, with Diamonds
Snowdrop Band pictured with our Peacock Band and Arabesque Ring. All with Diamonds!
Snowdrop Band and Snowdrop Ring - in the Gansevoort workshop

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